All bookings require a 20% deposit, that can be sent via CashApp or eGift card. With 48 hours notice, all deposits are refundable, otherwise I’d be happy to apply your deposit to a future visit within the following three months.  Travel requires a 50% deposit. 

All men, women and non-binary folks are welcome and encouraged. Please feel free to reach out and talk to me about your desires and your access needs – we’ll make it happen!

It’s not personal. I screen all clients for my safety. If you’re concerned about discretion, I am happy to sign an NDA.

Screening requirements include two of any of the following, in any combination:

  • State or federal Photo ID
  • LinkedIn account or employment verification
  • Reference from another provider you’ve seen within a year

Well, aren’t you a sweetheart? Gifts are never required, but I certainly will not say no! A bottle of wine or champagne is a great way to kick off a date if you’d like to bring something to enjoy together, and if you’d like to bring something just for me, a gift card to the Mandarin Oriental spa or Guerlain would be divine. 

Cash is always preferred. Feel free to enquire about electronic options when you contact me for booking if you require an alternative.

Same-day bookings are occasionally possible for established friends. For new friends, please allow 24-48 hours minimum for screening. The more the better.

Of course! Get in touch with me, and we can design the perfect day. 

You are welcome to cancel or reschedule with 48 hours notice in order to get your deposit back. If you cancel closer to our time than that, I will keep your deposit and happily apply it to another date within the next three months. 

Established friends (we have seen each other 5x or more) are welcome to come to me if that is your preference. If you are a new friend, I can come to you, or we can meet in an upscale hotel in Manhattan or Brooklyn. 

Absolutely. I’m NYC-based, but my passport is full of stamps and I’m always looking for more. I can travel to you, or with you as desired. 

Please do not worry. We can go over any questions you have during the time of your booking or before. 

Just to get you started, here are some quick etiquette tips:

  • Cash should always be in an unsealed envelope somewhere in plain view when we meet. In public, you’re welcome to stick it in a gift box for discretion, and hand it to me within the first five minutes of our time together.
  • I promise to always be freshly showered for you, please do the same. If you are coming to me, I will always have fresh towels and toothbrushes available should you want to freshen up. 
  • Discretion is a must. Unless we’ve discussed it, I will never approach you should we see each other out in the world, and I expect the same. Your boundaries around communication and privacy will always be respected.